The Spider Shop Tarantula Starter Kit

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The Spider Shop Tarantula Starter Kit is ideal for a sub-Adult to Adult sized terrestrial tarantulas, containing everything you need to get started with your pet, including a useful book so you can learn as you go!


  • Tarantula Starter Kit
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Product Information

The Tarantula Kit is ideal for sub-adult to adult-sized terrestrial Tarantulas, and comes complete with everything you need to get started with your new pet. They have put everything together neatly in a simple Kit, meaning all you need to buy separately is your Tarantula, and food!

For housing, this includes a Large Faunarium, along with a perfect soil-based substrate for creating the ideal environment. It includes a digital thermometer so you can quickly and easily measure the temperature within the set-up, ensuring it is perfect for your species.

Also includes is a small water bowl and decor pack, including a hide, so you can provide a naturalistic environment that is stress free and encourages your tarantula to feel more settled, often leading to more optimum viewing. There is also a heat mat for warmth, as well as a Tarantula Book included.

The Kit Contains the Following

  • Large Faunarium
  • Digital Thermometer
  • Substrate
  • Water bowl
  • Tarantula Book
  • Decor Pack
  • Heat Mat

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