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If you keep reptiles you will no doubt know about how important Vitamin D3 is. Boost your reptile's intake of it with Vetark Zolcal-D, with water soluable calcium for healthy bones and joints.


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Product Information

Vetark Zolcal-D comes in 120ml bottles to give you a handy supply of both water-soluble calcium and the necessary Vitamin D3 to help your reptile assimilate it, developing and healthier bone structure and a hard shell for tortoises, too.

Some reptiles just don't like their livefood or veg dusted with powdery calcium supplements, and this Zolcal-D is the perfect answer to still getting them enough calcium for good bone development.

Add it to your pet's drinking water, into which it dissolves, being slurped up when they are thirsty and enriching their calcium and D3 intake. It can also be given directly to the reptile in cases of hyperthyroidism, should your vet deem it necessary.

Zolcal-D is perfect for reptiles who are still growing, recovering from illness or are reproducing, giving them and their eggs the calcium they need for growth and maintenance.

At a glance:

  • Easily added to reptile's water
  • Can be given direct in cases of special need
  • Great for increasing calcium intake
  • Vitamin D3 helps the intestines absorb calcium
  • Ideal for use during high-need periods

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    Date 02/02/2019 08:02am
    Vetark Zolcal-D 120ml
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    Bought this for tortious being he preferred this one, as we have tried other vit/ calcium products, and returned to this one, as it is easy to use applying a few drops to his foods
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    Date 30/01/2017 08:01am
    Vetark Zolcal-D 120ml
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    Arrived nice and quickly, have used product before!
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    Date 30/04/2015 08:04am
    Vetark Zolcal-D 120ml
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  • Rating
    Date 30/04/2015 07:04am
    Vetark Zolcal-D 120ml
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