VivExotic Bearded Dragon Starter Kit

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VivExotic Bearded Dragon Starter Kit comes with the the VivExotic ReptiHome AAL Vivarium, measuring at 4' x 2' x 2', perfect for a Bearded Dragon. All the equipment is included to get you started, with the lovely Oak finish vivarium.


  • Bearded Dragon Starter Kit
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Product Information

This VivExotic Bearded Dragon Starter Kit comes with all the equipment you will need to get started, including heating and lighting, as well as the large 4' x 2' x 2' vivarium (120 x 62.5 x 62.5cm)

The ReptiHome AAL Bearded Dragon vivarium comes in a sleek Oak finish, complete with circular opening on the top for placing the heat guard, meaning there is more space available inside, not taken up by the heating equipment. There are two shelves included, giving your Bearded Dragon plenty of enrichment and climbing opportunity. The vivarium itself is longer, deeper and taller than any other VivExotic vivarium before, and is designed specifically with the Bearded Dragon in mind.

The vivarium is flat packed, and is easily built up with just a screwdriver, and comes complete with easy access vents, for super simple cable tidying. For easy cleaning, you can purchase replacement Sandpaper sheets, for quick and simple cleaning.

Included within this kit is:

  • Exo Terra T8 Ballast Unit 30w
  • Exo Terra Medium Glo Light
  • Exo Terra Sun Glo Basking Lamp 150w
  • 2 x Exo Terra Digital Thermometers
  • Exo Terra UVB200 30w
  • Exo Terra Natural Light 30w
  • 2 x Sandpaper Mats

We would recommend to use a dimming thermostat on the heat bulb within this kit (THIS IS NOT INCLUDED) to ensure that you and your Bearded Dragon are kept safe at all times. There is also a matching Oak cabinet available, to really finish off the look of your enclosure.

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    VivExotic Bearded Dragon Starter Kit
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