VivExotic Glass Heat Mat Holder

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Protect the wood of your vivarium from your heat mat using this VivExotic Glass Heat Mat Holder - it provides a barrier between the mat and your reptile, reducing the risk of burns that can occur.


  • Glass Heat Mat Holder
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Product Information

The Viv Exotic Heat Mat Holder is an exclusive product from the renowned manufacturers of top quality vivariums. Previously, the use of heat mats in vivariums wasn't recommended due to possible damage to the wood or melamine. However, this exciting device means that you can safely heat your reptile, wherever he lives.

This innovative holder is designed to safely hold a heat mat and eradicate the risk of hot spots and possible harm to your reptile. It also protects the heat mat from water or damage within the vivarium. Substrate can be placed over the top too, so that the holder is invisible.

The mat should be stuck to the British Standard safety glass. The heat is distributed through the glass safely and more equally. You can rest assured, knowing that your pet is getting the heat he needs without any worry. The holder measures 11 x 11" meaning any mat of this size or smaller is a perfect fit for it.

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