VivExotic Replacement Mesh Cover

A replacement mesh cover for VivExotic basking light holders

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  • Replacement VivExotic Mesh Cover
  • Fits VivExotic Chameleon and Bearded dragon vivariums
  • Protects animals from hot basking lights
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The mesh cover in a VivExotic vivarium is an easy piece to lose but it is key to the safety and protection of your pet making this replacement piece essential.

What is the VivExotic Replacement Mesh Cover?

The VivExotic Mesh Cover is a mesh cap that is designed to cover the heat lamp holder in VivExotic Chameleon and Bearded dragon vivariums. The mesh cap is easily lost, leaving the lamp exposed, which can lead to curious reptiles climbing towards the bulb and burning themselves, seriously harming themselves in rare cases. The cover is easy to replace and install.



Brand VivExotic
Suitable for All VivExotic Bearded Dragon and Chameleon Vivariums
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