VivExotic Replacement Sandpaper Sheets

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Replacement Sandpaper Sheets for the VivExotic Viva Vivariums, for quick and easy cleaning.


  • Replacement Sand Sheets 3pk
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Product Information

This set of 3 Sand Paper Sheets for the VivExotic Viva Bearded Dragon Vivarium is ideal for quick and easy cleaning, just replace the sheets as needed!

These are realistic looking, with a natural feeling sandy surface for reptile environments. They come with an adhesive backing for easy installation, and encourage a natural desert-like environment for all of your pet reptiles. Suitable in a wide variety of terrarium landscapes, the sandpapers sheets work well to create a habitat for reptiles by striking the perfect balance between texture, temperature and familiarity.

This is a set of three sheets, each 26cm x 64cm. As direct replacements for the Vivexotic Bearded Dragon Kit, change overs are hassle-free and quick to help create a harmonized habitat which is both natural looking and natural feeling.

The replacement sandpaper sheets combine beautifully with the basking platforms and dark caving area of the Vivexotic Bearded Dragon tank for a safe, comfortable and enjoyable living area for your pet reptiles.

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