VivExotic Repti-Home (AAL) Bearded Dragon Large Oak Vivarium with Vent

Large, oak vivarium for Bearded dragons and similar-sized species

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  • Large oak vivarium with vent for medium-sized reptiles
  • Easy to assemble flat-packed kit
  • AAL (Animal Activities Licensing) approved design
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A reptile enclosure with great insulating properties ideal for adult bearded dragons and lizard setups and snake setups.

What is VivExotic Repti-Home (AAL) Bearded Dragon Vivarium Large Oak with Vent?

VivExotic Repti-Home (AAL) Vivarium Large Oak with Vent is a wooden vivarium that provides ample space for your Bearded dragon as it offers your reptile more height and depth. Easy to assemble, this wooden vivarium comes in a stylish Oak finish to coordinate with your existing home decor. It features toughened safety glass doors, improved ventilation and cable access points plus a vent at the top to externally house your reptile lighting. Measuring 120 x 62.5 x 62.5 cm, the VivExotic Repti-Home (AAL) Vivarium Large Oak is suitable for adult Bearded dragons, Corn snakes and Leopard geckos, all of which enjoy a hot and dry environment which you can create in this reptile vivarium.

What are the features of this wooden vivarium?

VivExotic vivariums are designed with as few parts as possible for quick and easy assembly. This Bearded dragon vivarium features a new vent at the top to allow a reptile light reflector to sit on top of the vivarium, saving space internally. This removes the view of unsightly equipment from inside your vivarium and allows more room for decor in your reptile enclosure.

VivExotic Repti-Homes are made with sustainable timber that retains heat and toughened sliding glass doors. Ventilation slots in the rear panel ensure a steady flow of air while allowing easy access to connect your heating and other reptile equipment through the vents without needing to remove any plugs.

What do I need to buy with my compact vivarium?

Vivariums need certain pieces of hardware and accessories added to them before they are ready to home your pet. Depending on the reptile you intend to keep you may need substrate, heating and lighting before you’re ready to house your pet. As always, we recommend thoroughly researching your pet to assess what equipment they will require before making any purchases. We also recommend purchasing a matching vivarium cabinet to give your vivarium the support it needs and to complete your set-up.

Does this vivarium have an Animal Activities Licensing approved design?

Yes, the new Animal Activities Licensing guidelines brought with them the UK's first mandatory minimum sizes for reptile enclosures. While the minimum standards currently apply only to licensed businesses, the VivExotic Repti-Home range offers an opportunity for stores to change the way private keepers think about reptile housing. The new enclosures come in a range of sizes suitable for some of the most commonly kept reptiles.

Please note: The Repti-Home range of vivariums is not compatible with the Viva+ range of cabinets

Dimensions 120 x 62.5 x 62.5 cm
Vent size 210mm (external 230mm)
Colour Oak
Material Wood, glass
Suitable for Bearded dragons, leopard geckos, corn snakes
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