VivExotic Repti-Home Maxi XL Black

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A huge vivarium with plenty of space, this VivExotic Repti-Home Maxi Vivarium XL Black is perfect for the largest types of commonly kept reptiles, offering superior design features to help you take the very best care of your gentle giant.


  • Repti-Home Maxi XL Black
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Product Information

Truly the largest and most impressive of the VivExotic range of Repti-Home Maxi vivariums, this XL sized vivarium is the updated, and much improved version of the popular Repti-Home Tall, giving ample space for some of the large desert reptiles, and sometimes those than can be safely housed in pairs or small communities.

Stackable with other ReptiHome Maxi Xl's, this vivarium has a 30% size increase from the older models, either larger rails at the top and bottom to help you conceal your lighting (protecting your vivariums' natural look) and giving you more space at the bottom for thicker substrate layers.

Perfect for desert reptiles that like things hot and dry, it features a larger depth than previous models, giving your reptile more room to explore and giving you more room to decorate and complete your desert environment look.


137.5cm (54.1")49cm (19.3")56cm (22")

At a glance:

  • Larger rails - this allows for a deeper substrate, and less obtrusive lighting installation
  • Improved rail construction to ensure the rails are held firmly in place
  • FSC certified wood and secure toughened glass sliding doors
  • Cable access holes for up to 3 cables each side
  • No exposed chipboard on vivarium floor - no mites or moisture can access the vivarium
  • Ventilation slots in the rear panel ensure a steady flow of air
  • Non peeling laminate

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    Date 10/06/2019 17:06pm
    VivExotic Repti-Home Maxi XL Black
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    Very nice vivarium wish I got it year ago *****