VivExotic Repti-Home Medium Four Tier Beech

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The great thing about VivExotic Repti-Homes is that they can be safely stacked to save on room, like this stack of 4x Repti-Home Medium 34" Beach vivariums - great for growing reptile collections, and at a discounted price from Swell Reptiles too!


  • Repti-Home Medium Four Tier Beech
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Product Information

VivExotic ReptiHomes are the new compact vivariums from VivExotic that are specially designed to be stacked to you can admire your reptiles in a smart display.

VivExotic ReptiHomes are an improvement in design on the old VivExotic compact vivariums (LX36) and are specially designed to be stacked, so for your convenience Swell have pieced together sets of Repti-Stax. This one is a four tier stack - so you get four great vivariums.

These four tier ReptiHomes come with four feet to stand them on.

VivExotic vivariums all carry the Forest Stewardship Council mark, which means the timber comes from recycled sources or sustainable forests.

The glass used in the vivariums is toughened to BS-EN-12150 kite marked standards which means it has five times its original strength and if broken breaks in to small blunt fragments instead of long sharp shards.

The newly redesigned Viva and ReptiHome range have slightly adjusted sizes from the previous VivExotic ranges to maximise floor space and ensure that reptiles are not too far away from their UV lights.

Dimensions (approx):

86cm (34")37.5cm (15")175cm (70")

Latest Customer Reviews

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    Date 05/09/2018 05:09am
    VivExotic Repti-Home Medium Four Tier Beech
    Feefo Logo
    Built them really fast just my self and they look amazing nice good quality as well
  • Rating
    Date 23/08/2018 19:08pm
    VivExotic Repti-Home Medium Four Tier Beech
    Feefo Logo
    Great vivs. Well made. We only received 4 legs and the leaflet says they would recommend 6. But it does not seem to have effected the stability of the stack.
    One of the vivs the hole in the glass seems a little small for the bung but nothing that couldn't be sanded down. Overall happy with them and they look great