VivExotic Repti-Home Medium Four Tier Oak

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Sporting a wonderful Oak finish, this VivExotic Repti-Home Medium 34" Four Tier is a space and money saving stack of 4x medium sized vivariums, safely held together to keep your reptile collection neatly organised and healthy.


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Product Information

As your reptile collection grows, space often becomes more of an issue, and upgrading your vivariums to this stack of 4 Tier VivExotic Medium ReptiHomes with Oak finish is the happy and natural next step towards giving your reptiles more than adequate housing without taking up more room.

Fan of the old VivExotic LX36 medium vivarium? This Medium 34" Reptihome is the improved replacement version, designed to be stackable safely and provide a warm, dry place in which your reptile can thrive.

This popular redesign of a classic vivarium model features improved Oak panelling using FSC approves woods, meaning that the organic materials used come from sustainable forestry and recycled sources.

The glass has had an upgrade too - its Kite Marked to BS-EN-12150 standards, meaning that not only is it tougher than normal, but if a sufficient impact does actually manage to smash it, it only shatters into blunt pieces to protect your reptile from harm.

A compact vivarium set, 4 vivariums take up the floor space of a single one, allowing you to house collections of small or juvenile reptiles, especially desert ones.

Each 4 Tier Vivarium stack comes with the right number of feet to keep it stable, as well as the simple instructions to allow easy assembly with a screwdriver, setting up your new habitats in moments.

Dimensions (approx):

86cm (34")37.5cm (15")175cm (70")

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    Date 02/09/2021 08:09am
    VivExotic Repti-Home Medium Four Tier Oak
    Feefo Logo
    Easy to assemble. Very study. For personal ease I installed heat lamp and cage during assembly. Did each time prior to putting in top
  • Rating
    Date 18/07/2020 07:07am
    VivExotic Repti-Home Medium Four Tier Oak
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    Great Vivariums really well packed and easy to put tog