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VivExotic Repti-Home Medium Three Tier Walnut

The perfect medium three tier walnut vivarium stack for small reptiles

At a glance...
  • Medium three tier walnut vivarium stack for small reptiles
  • Easy to assemble flat-pack kit
  • Strong reinforced glass and wood throughout
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Keep and display your growing reptile collection the smart and beautiful way with this 3 Tier stack of VivExotic ReptiHome vivariums, sold at delivered at amazing prices by Swell Reptiles, available here in this classic Walnut finish.

Made up of a stack of 3 of VivExotics Medium Repti-home Walnut vivariums, they are safe to pile up this high, saving you floor space and money as your reptile collection grows and develops into something truly amazing.

Each individual vivarium design is based on the success of the popular LX36 medium, with a slight redesign to make them better for your reptile, more beautiful in your home and making them even safer to stack.

  • Improved Walnut finish
  • Toughened safety glass for structural integrity and produces blunt pieces if actually shattered.
  • FSC approved woods - recycled and sustainable sources woods
  • Improved Ventilation and cable management from previous models.

Easily assembled with a screwdriver, your new reptile homes can be up and running in no time, with a simple yet beautiful display, great for housing small or juvenile desert reptiles, keeping them both warm and dry within their wooden home.

UV and heating equipment is even easier to set up with this new design and the compact design means your reptile is never too far from their heat and light sources.

Dimensions L:86cm x D:37.5cm x H:134cm
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