VivExotic Repti-Stax Large Four Tier Mussel

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A stunning set of 4 vivariums, these VivExotic Repti-Stax are designed to be stacked, as high as 4 vivariums to save you important floor space as you grow your reptile collection into something beautiful.


  • Repti-Stax Large Four Tier Mussel
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Product Information

This stack is made up for 4 Large vivariums, finished in Mussel - an off-white colour similar to magnolia which has become instantly popular since launch due to its' neutral colour that allows it to compliment most home decor schemes.

Arriving with you in flat-pack form and with the right number of feet to support the stack, this is a great vivarium collection that will allow the creation of some truly special reptile displays.

You reps will be happy too - this is a great vivarium design, with superb rear ventilation to avoid overheating and constantly provides fresh air for health and wellbeing.

The wood is FSC approved and a great insulator, making the most of the warmth created by your heating equipment, which itself is made easier to set up due to a superior cable management system.

The glass is made to BS-EN-12150 kite marked standards - tougher, if a big impact does occur, it protects your reptile by shattering into blunt pieces that shouldn't cut them.

Dimensions (approx):

115cm (45")37.5cm (15")175cm (70")

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