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A whole new experience for your reptile. This enclosure from VivExotic encompasses the best in design and functionality, giving you an elegant feature and your reptile the best living quarters.


  • Repti View Oak
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Product Information

This vivarium provides plenty of space for terrestrial species, ideal for smaller snakes like Corns, Kings or Milks, and also great for Leopard Geckos or other ground lizards. Coming with sleek design and panoramic glass on three sides, this provides a great view of your pet.

The glass panels are secured with reinforcing plinths, and the front panel comes equipped with a thermometer to accurately read the temperature inside, meaning you can check your pet is safe and secure at all times. The glass panel in the roof also means that there is optimum viewing, as well as providing a great way for natural sunlight to filter through.

Equipped with a protected heat mat holder, meaning that heat will be distributed evenly across the surface, making it more efficient and costs effective, and also protecting it from any humidity or other water source. Also included is VivExotic special EasyVent system, meaning that cables can be easily installed or removed, as well as providing the ventilation required.

The lid has an automatic lock, with removable key, so there can be no risk of escapees, especially important for inquisitive snakes! This Repti View comes in Oak, and has a choice of sizes - the next size up is the Repti View Maxi, with all the same features, just in a larger size.

Product Specification

Product Width (cm) Depth (cm) Length (cm)
VivExotic Repti View Oak 21.5cm 39cm 86cm

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