VivExotic Viva+ Arboreal Medium with Cabinet Black

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Smaller or juvenile arboreal reptiles will love this Viva+ Arboreal Medium 34" vivarium with matching cabinet (both with black wood effect), giving them excellent ventilation as well as room to climb like they would in the wild.


  • Viva+ Arboreal Medium with Cabinet Black
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Product Information

Great for small to medium sized tree climbing reptiles, there are few better homes than the VivExotic Viva+ Arboreal vivarium, designed with these reptiles in mind, and available with a matching cabinet with Black Wood effect.

Wooden vivariums like this keep your reptile warmer for longer than glass, being more insulating, and this one is made from FSC branded wood, meaning it comes from sustainable and recycled sources too.

Many forest reptiles don't like to spend too much time on the floor, where they might feel vulnerable, and so getting them an arboreal vivarium, with space to fit climbing branches allows them to feel more at home and exhibit their instinctive behaviour more naturally.

Although the Viva+ Arboreal Medium vivarium is available by itself too, grabbing the matching cabinet as part of this Swell Reptiles deal really completes the look, making your reptile home a true feature in any home.

An upgraded and much improved replacement for the old Viva AX range of VivExotic Arboreal Vivariums, this model features a superb cable management system at the rear of the vivarium, as well as a new ventilation system along the front the unit, which is anti-clog and provides plenty of fresh air to your reptile for the benefit of their health.

With toughened safety glass that only breaks into blunt shards and is 5x stronger than normal, the risk to your reptile is greatly reduced too, and the black colour of this vivarium and cabinet combination has been much improved from earlier models too.


Vivarium86cm (34")49cm (19")91.5cm (36")
Cabinet86.2cm (34")49cm (19")64.5cm (25")

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    VivExotic Viva+ Arboreal Medium with Cabinet Black
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