VivExotic Viva+ Arboreal Medium with Cabinet Oak

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Give your tree climbing reptile the home they deserve with this VivExotic Viva+ Arboreal Medium with Cabinet in Oak wood finish. Not only does it give you the space the store your reptile goodies and show off your viv, but it gives your arboreal reptiles plenty of room to explore.


  • Viva+ Arboreal Medium with Cabinet Oak
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Product Information

Get a more perfected look for your reptile display by not only getting the fantastic new VivExotic Viva+ Medium Arboreal Vivarium in Oak, but also the matching cabinet, giving it perfectly designed support and quite literally putting your hobby on a pedestal.

Displaying your vivarium on a specially made cabinet turns your potentially beautiful vivarium into a real feature in any room, as well as giving you extra handy storage space for your essential reptile supplies.

This is an Arboreal Vivarium, meaning that its great for reptiles that like to climb off the floor of their habitat and feel comfortable high up.

Vivarium Dimensions:

Length x depth x height: 86cm x 49cm x 91.5 (34" x 19" x 36")

Cabinet Dimensions:

Length x depth x height: 86.2cm x 49cm x 64.5cm (34" x 19" x 25")

VivExotic vivariums all now carry the Forest Stewardship Council mark, letting you know that all the wood used comes from recycled sources or sustainable forests.

With toughened safety glass, a whole 5x stronger than normal, this is one of the safest vivariums ever made for your reptile too. In the unlikely event that it does shatter, the glass will be in blunt cubes rather than long, cutting shards.

The Viva+ Arboreal vivarium is better for ventilation too, with anti-clog ventilation along the length of both the top and bottom rail too, keeping the air in your vivarium fresher and healthier for your reptile. There is better ventilation and cable management at the rear too.

With slidestopers and pre-drilled holes for vivarium locks ready and built in, this is a high-class vivarium for tree-dwellers that looks even better on its' matching Oak cabinet.

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