Spend and Save up to £15 this Christmas - SEE CODES. >

Spend and Save up to £15 this Christmas - SEE CODES. >

VivExotic Viva+ Arboreal Small Vivarium with Cabinet Grey

The ideal small arboreal grey vivarium and cabinet for juvenile Chameleons

At a glance...
  • Small arboreal grey vivarium with cabinet for juvenile Chameleons
  • Easy to assemble flat-packed kit
  • Built-in cabinet for food and hardware storage
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VivExotic Viva Arboreal vivariums are designed for tree climbing reptiles who need a lot of height in their vivariums, and Swell have matched these high quality vivs with equally stunning vivarium cabinets.

VivExotic Viva Arboreal Vivariums are a huge improvement on the old yet extremely popular VivExotic AX models and the cabinets are also vastly improved - now they are a more functional true cabinet rather than a stand.

The colours of the arboreal vivariums and VivExotic cabinets are much improved too, and make for a stunning display of your reptile setup, doing it more justice.

Just like the rest of the Viva+ range, this Arboreal Small vivarium bares the Forest Stewardship Council mark, indicating that the timber comes from recycled sources or sustainable forests.

VivExotic have upgraded the glass too, now up to BS-EN-12150 kite marked standards which means it has five times its' original strength. If broken, it breaks in to small blunt fragments instead of long sharp shards.

Featuring a new ventilation system, the new design ensures a constant airflow with front ventilation rails at the top and bottom of the aluminium door rails, matching the aluminium rails with the silver handles on the matching cabinets.

With better cable management, superior ventilation and a safer, more easy to assemble design, this arboreal vivarium is great for small reptiles who like to climb, and is available at the best price here at Swell Reptiles.

Part Length Depth Height
Vivarium 57.5cm 49cm 91.5cm
Cabinet 57.5cm 49cm 64.5cm
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