VivExotic Viva+ Arboreal Vivarium Large Deep Black

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VivExotic Viva+ Large Deep Arboreal vivarium is the very largest that we have to offer, with plenty of space front to back, and top to bottom.


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Product Information

When it comes to creating a stunning tree-scape for your arboreal reptiles, depth can be an important visual factor for their habitat. In this respect, the Large Deep Arboreal Viva+ Vivarium offers the best in depth, quality and price for your tree-dwelling reptiles.

At 115cm x 61cm x 91.5cm, it's a full 12cm deeper than its Medium sized cousin and a lot longer too, giving you more space for adult sized reptiles like chameleons, geckos and some species of snake. When decorated, it can become a striking and interesting focal point in any room and offers some of the best ventilation on the market:

The new Front Flow aeration system is a serious of vents that run across the length of the vivarium, bringing in a good flow of fresh cool air into the tree-scape. The vents are positioned higher than in previous models to allow the vivarium to accommodate a deeper layer of substrate without causing clogged vents.

The Easy Vents at the rear of the vivarium are a new addition too: they feature unparalleled cable management while leaving space for plenty of overheated air to escape.

Like all the Viva+ range, it comes with toughened safety glass to protect your reptile and Vivexotic's new SlideStopper installed to prevent reptile breakouts when you're not looking.


115cm (3ft, 9")61cm (2ft)91.5cm (3ft)

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    Date 02/12/2018 09:12am
    VivExotic Viva+ Arboreal Vivarium Large Deep Black
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    great product well made looks great