VivExotic Viva+ Arboreal Vivarium Medium Grey

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VivExotic Viva+ Arboreal Medium Vivarium in grey is perfect for Arboreal reptiles that show their natural behaviour the best when they are given climbing space.


  • Viva+ Arboreal Vivarium Medium Grey
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Product Information

Its size, at 86cm x 49cm x 91.5cm, means that it has the perfect dimensions for creating a beautiful arboreal tree-scape for juvenile snakes, chameleons and adult geckos. It makes not only a cosy yet interesting home for your reptiles, but a striking focal point in any room.

The older Vivexotic vivariums were much loved, but the Viva+ is vastly improved in terms of ventilation:

The new Easy Vent at the rear incorporates great cable management facilities, meaning you don't need to remove the vivarium lid to perform maintenance on your electrical systems, and the Front Flow vents along the front slider offer more consistent air flow due to their positioning, meaning they don't get clogged with substrate as easily.

The safety glass front has been toughened to protect your little friends, and is held in place with the SlideStopper so only you can operate the sliding door not your reptiles when your back is turned.

Swell Reptiles are selling this great vivarium at 25% below the RRP because we really believe in this new product. Order today to take advantage!


86cm (2ft, 10")49cm (1ft, 7")91.5cm (3ft, 0")

Finish: Grey wood effect, others available

Ventilation: "Front Flow" vents and rear 'Easy Vent' system

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