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VivExotic Viva+ Arboreal Vivarium Small Oak

The ideal small arboreal oak vivarium for juvenile Chameleons

At a glance...
  • Small arboreal oak vivarium for juvenile Chameleons
  • Easy to assemble flat-packed kit
  • Built-in cabinet for food and hardware storage
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The range of Small Viva + Arboreal Vivariums are fantastically new and relatively sophisticated reptile homes, sold at amazingly discounted prices in Swell Reptiles' cheap vivariums range.

This version is finished in Oak, but there are Walnut and Beech options too, built with the same superb quality. Take a look!

What's Different?

These Arboreal vivariums are some of the deepest on the market, and even this small sized one measures a fantastic 57.5cm x 49cm x 91.5cm (LXDXH). This means that the lighting can be positioned at the optimum height for your reptiles, and it's a perfect size for tree dwellers and climbers, like adult Crested Geckos, Day Geckos, baby chameleons and juvenile snakes such as milk, king and corn snakes, as well as royal pythons.

The high rail means you can include plenty of substrate without clogging the new Front Flow air vents that run along the length of the aluminium slider, and because it's an arboreal vivarium, there is plenty of room for some great looking artificial or real branches and vines for your reptile with a head for heights.

Right at the top (at the back), Vivexotic has included their Easy vent system. This new type of vent is specially designed to accommodate the easy sliding of cables for tidy and easy management.

The amazingly large viewing glass is made from toughened safety glass too, and the SlideStopper means your reptiles can't break out unexpectedly as well.

Finish: Oak wood effect

Ventilation: Front Flow vents and rear 'Easy Vent' system

"The Vivexotic Viva+ lockable vivarium provides a healthy, modern home for your reptile.

Colour Oak
Dimensions L:57.5cm x D:49cm x H:91.5cm
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