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VivExotic Viva Cabinet Small Oak

Make your small oak Viva vivarium the centerpiece of your collection

At a glance...
  • Stand for small oak Viva vivarium
  • Easy to assemble flat-packed kit
  • Built-in cabinet for food and hardware storage
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Grab a VivExotic Viva Small Cabinet in Oak to match your Viva or Viva+ terrestrial or arboreal vivarium, completing your reptile display and making it a true focal point in any room.

With an improved and matching Oak wood effect, this cabinet will draw any visitor's eye to your beautiful reptile display, giving it the prestige it deserves and complimenting the decor of your room.

And of course it has function too! This is a great place to store all your essential reptile supplies that are often cheaper when bought in bulk, like substrate.

The redesign of these cabinets now means they fit even more of the Small Vivexotic vivariums, and your vivarium will no longer overhang the cabinet on either side like the old cabinets did.

Easy to assemble, this Oak Vivarium Cabinet looks better than ever.

Dimensions L:57.5cm x D:49cm x H:64.5cm
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