VivExotic Viva+ Large Deep Vivarium with Cabinet Oak

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VivExotic Viva+ Large Deep Vivariums with matching Oak Cabinets are available at the best prices from Swell Reptiles. Designed to accommodate reptiles who like a roomey atmosphere, this is a king amongst vivariums.


  • Viva+ Large Deep Vivarium with Cabinet Oak
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Product Information

Make more of a showpiece to do your hobby justice with this VivExotic Viva+ Large Deep Vivarium and Cabinet from Swell Reptiles, this model displayed with a classic Oak finish.

While the vivarium can be just fine by itself, it won't do justice to your creative efforts with your reptile's environment without the right pedestal - this VivExotic Oak Cabinet completes your look and turns your Viva+ terrestrial vivarium into a stunning focal point, as well as giving it physical support and more storage space for reptile essentials.

Vivarium dimensions:

Length x depth x height: 115cm x 61cm x 50cm (45" x 24" x 19")

Cabinet dimensions:

Length x depth x height: 115cm x 61cm x 64.5cm (45" x 24" x 25")

Why a VivExotic Viva+ Large Deep Vivarium?

As well as baring the Forest Stewardship Council mark to show that this vivarium is made by more sustainable methods, this uses BS-EN-12150 kite marked toughened safety glass to protect your and your reptile. 5 times stronger than normal, it only ever shatters into blunt cubes, not dangerous shards that could harm your reptile.

The rails at the front feature VivExotic's new are state of the art in terms of ventilation, avoiding overheating issues as well as ensuring a fresh supply of air into the vivarium for your reptile to reap the benefits of.

The matching cabinet comes with this deal too, helping place your hobby on a pedestal and give the right support to the vivarium frame, as well as plenty of storage space.

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