VivExotic Viva+ Large Deep Vivarium with Cabinet Walnut

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VivExotic Viva+ Large Deep Vivariums can be bought here for the best price with their matching cabinets. Capable of hosting bigger reptiles, they offer plenty of space for moving around, allowing you to build some seriously beautiful landscapes for your reptile.


  • Viva+ Large Deep Vivarium with Cabinet Walnut
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Product Information

This VivExotic Viva Large Deep Vivarium comes in Walnut so as to compliment your home furnishings nicely, and offers extra depth for your reptile as they get bigger, giving them a little more room to explore.

The VivExotic Viva range are an improvement on the old designs of vivariums and the great news is the cabinets are far much improved as well. While you can buy the Viva+ Large Deep Vivarium separately, the cabinet gives it pride of place in any room and really helps to make it into a focal feature point.

A great size for adult bearded dragons, this Walnut Wood is more environmentally friendly and makes a great insulator for desert reptiles, keeping things hot and dry for your scaled friend.

Both the Viva+ Large Deep Vivarium and matching cabinet display the Forest Stewardship Council mark, meaning that the wood used comes from recycled sources or sustainable forests.

The glass also bares the BS-EN-12150 kite marked standard, which means it has five times its original strength and if the worst happens and it does break, it will do so into small blunt fragments instead of long sharp shards, keeping you and your reptile safer.

Each new Viva+ Vivarium features a new ventilation system, designed to ensure a constant airflow through the vivarium from the front ventilation rails at the top and bottom of the aluminium door rails, which match the new cabinet perfectly.

Easily assembled from its' flat-packed arrival with a screwdriver, you can use the pre-drilled holes in the glass to use a vivarium lock as well as the slidestopper, making this one of the most secure Vivexotic Vivariums ever made.


Vivarium115cm (45")61cm (24")50cm (19")
Cabinet115cm (45")61cm (24")64.5cm (25")

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    VivExotic Viva+ Large Deep Vivarium with Cabinet Walnut
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