VivExotic Viva+ Medium Vivarium with Cabinet Oak

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VivExotic Viva Medium Vivariums are available here at Swell with their matching cabinets, giving you the option to get both at a further discounted bundle price to display your reptile habitat in style - this one comes with a classic oak finish.


  • Viva+ Medium Vivarium with Cabinet Oak
    code: PT4103/PT4038 Available (Usually delivered in 2 days)

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Product Information

Make the most of your hard-work by displaying your reptile and its' environment in the best way possible - with a matching cabinet for your VivExotic Viva+ Medium Vivarium in classic and improved Oak.

A newly designed vivarium, this represents years of reptile experience at VivExotic, with improved ventilation systems in the front of the vivarium rails, and a masterful cable management system that makes looking after your desert reptile even easier.

Delivered in two packages from Swell Reptiles, both the vivarium and cabinet are easily assembled with a screwdriver, with the cabinet providing perfectly matched support to the vivarium structure, as well as creating more of a feature in your display location and giving you extra storage room for your important reptile supplies.


Vivarium 86cm 49cm (19") 50cm (20")
Cabinet 86.2cm (34") 49cm (19") 64.5cm (25")

A sustainable sourced vivarium from both recycled materials and sustainable forests, the wood insulates your reptile better than glass, making it perfect for keeping bearded dragons and leopard geckos of a suitable size - desert reptiles that like things hot and dry will love this vivarium!

As well as great ventilation to ensure fresh air and reduce the risk of overheating, the Viva+ Medium Vivarium also features toughened safety glass which will resist most impacts and even if it does shatter, it shouldn't produce sharp edges for you or your reptile to come to harm.

Latest Customer Reviews

  • Rating
    Date 04/11/2020 07:11am
    VivExotic Viva+ Medium Vivarium with Cabinet Oak
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    Excellent value as it was on offer at the time of purchase - easy to build / good looking
  • Rating
    Date 06/03/2019 13:03pm
    VivExotic Viva+ Medium Vivarium with Cabinet Oak
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    Horrible company to deal with.
    I needed to get a new vivarium for my snake and even though I thought £190 was really expensive on this site, I was prepared to pay it because I couldn't find any others I liked.
    It said on the website, in clear black and white, that they offered a Saturday delivery for £20. Again, this was very expensive considering the normal delivery was going to be free because of how much I was spending, but I was prepared to pay it because both me and my husband work Monday to Friday so it was our only option.
    It said on the website to call after ordering to get this service but I called before hand just to be safe. I spoke to a lady who advised that it was absolutely fine to use this service and to order my item and call back to pay for the delivery as there was no option to pay for it on the website, which I thought was really awkward.
    So I ordered the vivarium and called straight back. I spoke to a different lady this time who then advised me that they don't offer the Saturday delivery any more and they just haven't updated the website (which is terrible business!).
    Naturally I was furious considering I just paid £190 for this item and now I wasn't going to be able to be home to receive it.
    However the lady advised that she was super sorry for this and that she will promise to make sure my item is dispatched on the Friday and she would personally keep an eye on it so that I will get it on the Saturday but she can't guarantee that it won't be late and maybe come on Monday.
    This was very distressing but I accepted it as I didn't have another choice.
    HOWEVER...I checked my emails on the Friday morning to check it had been dispatched and was furious to find that it has actually been dispatched on the Thursday and it was being delivered on that day! I called Swell the moment their lines opened on the Friday and told explained everything to then. But they were EXTREMELY unhelpful and just kept apologising and saying there was nothing they could do because it was already on the van. I tried to then cancel the vivarium because it was too stressful and I didn't want the hassle anymore but they wouldn't let me do this either.
    They would not help me AT ALL and could not offer me any solutions. They had my £190 and all I had was a hard time.
    All together they had:
    -falsely advertised a service on the website
    -blatantly lied about a service they no longer offer
    -gave false promises by telling me they will dispatch it friday
    -were completely unhelpful by not helping me at all even though they are the ones who messed it up SEVERAL times

    Luckily, my husband was able to go home on his lunch to receive the vivarium on the Friday but it was a huge waste of time and was an unnecessary hardship that this company forced us to endure, not to mention all the stress they caused us.
    The only reason I have given 2 stars instead of 1 is because the vivarium is actually quite nice and it didn't arrive damaged but the instructions were very vague so it took hours to put together.

    Just as a closing note, they do not have a facility to leave reviews on their own website so clearly they are ashamed of their service.
  • Rating
    Date 19/01/2018 18:01pm
    VivExotic Viva+ Medium Vivarium with Cabinet Oak
    Feefo Logo
    As it was damaged when arrived it is very disappointing as it was a christmas present.
  • Rating
    Date 06/11/2015 08:11am
    VivExotic Viva+ Medium Vivarium with Cabinet Oak
    Feefo Logo
    Quality product, easy to put together, item is taller than stated which caused a problem but we overcame it.