VivExotic Viva+ Small Vivarium with Cabinet Walnut

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This Viva+ Small Vivarium with Cabinet comes with a superior walnut finish, and treats small reptiles and hatchlings like the kings and queens they are, with excellent ventilation and easy cable management. Get both the viv and cabinet at the best price here at Swell Reptiles.


  • Viva+ Small Vivarium with Cabinet Walnut
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Product Information

Don't let a lack of space within your home get in the way of creating a fantastic habitat for a reptile. The new VivExotic Viva Small Vivariums make the most of a limited amount of space with excellent quality materials and a modern, sleek design.

The VivExotic Viva range are an improvement on the old vivarium designs and the cabinets are a fantastic upgrade from their predecessors. Combined, the vivarium and cabinet look great taking centre stage in your home or office, while providing an amazing home for your reptile.

The vivarium cabinets are ideal for keeping all reptile kit inside, so you know exactly where your accessories are when you need them. Wood is an brilliant insulator, making wooden vivariums perfect for desert reptiles such as bearded dragons.


Vivarium57.5cm (23")49cm (19")43cm (17")
Cabinet57.5cm (23")49cm (19")64.5cm (25")

All VivExotic vivariums carry the Forest Stewardship Council mark, meaning they aren't damaging the environment as the timber comes from recycled sources or sustainable forests.

The glass used in the vivariums is designed to stand the test of time. Made to BS-EN-12150 kite marked standards, it has five times its original strength and if broken breaks into small blunt fragments instead of long sharp shards.

The vivariums also include a new ventilation system which supplies a continuous airflow with front ventilation rails at the top and bottom of the aluminium door rails. The stylish aluminium rails match perfectly with the silver handles on the matching cabinets.

The newly redesigned Viva and Repti-Stax range are similar to the previous VivExotic ranges but with added improvements to both form and function. Floor space is maximised to ensure that reptiles are not too far away from their UV lights.

Security has been an important consideration for the designers of VivExotic vivariums, and all vivariums have pre-drilled sliding glass doors and a removable Slidestopper door plug to prevent your pet from escaping. If you're looking for additional security, a stainless steel door lock and key is available separately.

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