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VivExotic Viva+ Terrestrial Vivarium Large Oak

The ideal large oak terrestrial vivarium for Bearded dragons

At a glance...
  • Large oak terrestrial Viva vivarium for adult Bearded Dragons
  • Easy to assemble flat-pack kit
  • Sliding screen doors and ventilation throughout
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The Viva+ Terrestrial Vivarium Large Oak is not only one of the largest terrestrial vivarium on the market, it is one of the best too.

Finished in a stunning oak-wood effect to compliment your existing home furnishings, it measures in at 115cm x 49cm x 50cm (L x D x H), making it a stunning focal point in all but the largest of rooms.

With it's superior length, it really allows you to create an amazing habitat for your reptile, and because of its size, there are a huge range of reptiles that it can accommodate: Full grown Bearded Dragons, Leopard Geckos, as well as growing snakes. This is surely one of the most versatile vivariums on the market.

The viewing glass panels are larger too, and are made from toughened safety glass, meaning that your reptile should be safe. Vivexotic have included their new SlideStopper too, preventing any untimely reptile escapes.

What makes the Viva+ really stands out is it's ventilation: while older models of vivariums struggled with both front and back ventilation and cable management, these problems are not present in the new Viva+ range:

The new "Front Flow" ventilation that runs across the length of the front slider has been designed so it won't clog up with substrate as easily, allowing good clean air to enter the vivarium and more substrate to be used at the bottom of the vivarium. At the top-rear of the vivarium, the new "Easy Vent" really comes into its own, allowing the escape of super-heated air as well as tidy and easy cable-management, negating the need to fix cables before securing the top-panel in place a problem in previous models.

More than anything, this vivarium represents superior build quality and value for money.

Finish: Oak wood effect

Ventilation: "Front Flow" vents and rear 'Easy Vent' system for smooth airflow and easy wiring

Dimensions L:115cm x D:49cm x H:50cm
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