VivExotic Viva+ Terrestrial Vivarium Medium Grey

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A fantastic medium sized vivarium, this VivExotic Viva+ Terrestrial Vivarium offers an optimised space for your reptile in which, with the right heating and lighting, they can live a very happy life, indeed. Order yours from Swell Reptiles to get it at the best price.


  • Viva+ Terrestrial Vivarium Medium Grey
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Product Information

The Viva+ Terrestrial Vivarium with Grey Wood finish in Medium is the perfect mid-sized vivarium for reptiles like juvenile Bearded Dragons, Corn snakes, milk snakes or fully-grown Leopard Geckos in pairs.

The new Viva+ range from Vivexotic takes the best parts of their old Viva range and gives it an extra boost: This medium vivarium if both taller and deeper than it's predecessor, allowing your reptile more freedom to enjoy life.

At 86cm x 49cm x 50cm (Length, Depth, Height) it's a stunning feature point for your home, while giving your reptile enough space to explore. The new ventilation system is a marked improvement too: The new "Front Flow" vents that line the length of the slider all less likely to becoming clogged with substrate while allowing free flowing fresh air into the vivarium. The "Easy Vent" system at the rear of the viv is designed to make cable-management easier too, negating the need to set up your electrics before your secure the lid instead, you can just slide them through - Take a look at the photos!

The new Slidestopper means that the toughened safety glass that makes up the sliding viewing panel can't be moved from inside the vivarium reducing the risk of panicky escapes!

Order now to get a great focal point and a home for your reptiles.


86cm (2ft,10")49cm (1ft, 7")50cm (1ft, 7")

Finish: Grey wood effect

Ventilation: "Front Flow" vents and rear 'Easy Vent' system for smooth airflow and easy wiring

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