VivExotic Viva Tortoise Table

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Ready to assemble, this VivExotic Viva Tortoise Table makes looking after your tortoise a doddle. Cleaning and maintenance is easy, and your tortoise will love to take advantage of all the roaming room, as well as the cosy hide when they want some alone time.


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Product Information

With their distinctive hard shell, tortoises are a unique type of reptile that is best kept in a purpose built environment like these Vivexotic Tortoise Tables, available from Swell Reptiles at the best prices.

Unlike multi-purpose wooden vivariums that can be adapted to home many different kinds of reptiles, VivExotic have created these tortoise tables to provide the perfect home for tortoises and nothing else.

Made to a fantastic and professional standard, they arrive with you as a flat-pack (simple assembly required) and can quickly be used to create the perfect home for your hard-shelled friend.

Each wooden tortoise table features high walls for safety around the large open space for your tortoise to explore without risk or escape or injury, as well as an enclosed bedding area your tortoise can access via an open door - nice and cosy for those long naps!

The front features a removable glass panel too, giving you easier access and the glass itself features a decorate grassland motif to allow your tortoise to feel even more at home.

With a modern oak finish, your tortoise table will look great in any home, and there are extension kits available as well as a stand so you don't have to use one of your own tables to support it off the ground, or let it take up floor space.

How you set it up is all up to you!

1) Tortoise table on its own without stand or extension

2) Tortoise table with stand

3) Tortoise table with extension

4) Tortoise table with two stands and extension

Of course, this is just the environment more suitable for a captive indoor tortoise, and you still need to create the right conditions for your tortoise to thrive, including options like heat and UV bulbs and heat mats where needed.

Designed especially with species like Hermann's, Horsfield, Red Foot, and Indian Star tortoises in mind, this is the best starting point for any budding tortoise keeper.

Dimensions (length x width x height):

  • Vivarium (tortoise table): 90cm x 45cm x 21.5cm (35.4" x 18" x 8.5")
  • Extension: +90cm x 75cm x 21.5cm (35.4" x 29.5" x 8.5")
  • Stand: 79.6cm x 40.6cm x 64.5cm (31.5" x 16" x 25.5")

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