White Python 4-Way Extension Cable

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Use this White Python 4-Way Extension Cable to split off your LED lighting system to multiple vivariums or terrariums, getting the most out of your system by splitting existing items. This can be used with a Power Unit to split up to 4 different light units.


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Product Information

White Python's 4-Way Extension Cable allows you to run several White Python LED Lighting Systems from a single power transformer / supply - Just make sure the transformer you are using is enough to power all the units.

If you have several reptile terrariums or vivariums benefiting from either Red, Blue, Green or White LEDS designed by White Python, you can use this 4-way extension cable to get the juice to multiple modular lighting system from a single transformer - saving you money and making your system more electrically efficient.

This ideal for set ups with multiple vivariums, such as a vivarium stack, which means you can have LEDs in each enclosure, with any colour that you like in each!

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