White Python Bearded Dragon Diet Juvenile

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White Python Bearded Dragon Diet for juveniles is best used as part of a wider, balanced diet, and gives your growing reptile a big boost of essential nutrients to give them every chance of growing into strong, healthy and happy adults.


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Product Information

White Python Bearded Dragon Diet Juvenile is a highly nutritious diet for hatchling bearded dragons and other agamids that have not yet reached adult sizes.

For the first 8 months of your bearded dragon's life, their diet is slightly different to that of an adult, requiring more protein in their diet to keep growing their muscle mass, allowing them to grow up big and strong. White Python's Juvenile Bearded Dragon food is perfect as a supplementary food to enhance their diet of veg and crickets, giving them the level of nutrition they need as they grow.

Instructions: Feed daily. If your Bearded Dragon refuses to eat, try spraying the mixture with water to moisten. You may need to stop feeding live insects for 2-3 days to ensure they are not tempted away from this healthy food.

Composition: Marigold, Rose, Ribwort & Hollyhock

Analysis: Moisture 8.4%, Protein 12.5%, Fat 2.2%, Ash 10.7%, Crude Fibre 17.2%

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