White Python Bearded Dragon Diet

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White Python Bearded Dragon Diet is an ideal complementary diet for adult bearded dragons and other Agamids.


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Product Information

Suitable for lucky Bearded Dragons over the age of 8 months old, this White Python Bearded Dragon Diet is a fantastic complementary reptile food for growing beardies and other related Agamids (dragons), giving them a healthy top-up of the essential aspects of their diet.

Each pack of White Python Bearded Dragon Food consists of a carefully selected mixture of nutritious dried flowers and leaves, making it a perfectly balanced supplementary food for bearded dragons, to be fed along with their usual diet of fresh veg and live crickets.

Feed your bearded dragon with this nutritious food daily along with their normal diet. If your bearded dragon doesn't take to the food immediately, try spraying the mixture with water to make it a little easier to swallow.

Composition: Hibiscus, Hollyhock, Sunflower, Rose & Dandelion Leaves

Analysis: Moisture 11.4%, Protein 11.1%, Fat 2.5%, Ash 10.8%, Crude Fibre 17.0%

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