White Python Jungle Green LED Kits

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These White Python Jungle Green LEDs are fantastic for replicating the green light in rainforests caused by the filtering of sunlight by the forest canopy, creating that jungle ambience in your very own home - easy and energy efficient thinking from White Python.


  • Jungle Green Mini 1ft Kit
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  • Jungle Green LED 2ft Kit
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  • Green LED Strip With Endcap
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  • Jungle Green LED Strip Mid Section
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Product Information

Fantastically innovative, the White Python Jungle Green LED lighting systems can be used to re-create your rainforest reptile's natural habitat more accurately than ever before! To get started with this great kit, just choose the size you require - 1ft - 4ft. Each kit contains everything you need to get started, including the LEDs, the transformers and cable, and plug.

In the rainforest, the high levels of vegetation that the sunlight shines through give everything a greenish tinge, especially at night when the moon is the only light source, and these White Python Jungle LED's do just that.

A modular system of LED lights, you can add light components to your liking, all running on a wattage as low as 10.8, making them far more electrically efficient than fluorescent bulbs of the same output, and with a 50,000 hour lifespan!

Providing your reptile's UVB and heat sources are provided for, the Jungle Green LED's can make a real visual difference to your reptile's habitat, and to your reptile's natural behavioural patterns.

Kit includes:

  • Transformer with plug
  • Wires and connectors
  • LED strips
  • Mounting magnetic tape

At a glance:

  • Energy efficient
  • Quick and simple installation
  • Ultra long life
  • Lasts ten times longer than fluorescent
  • 3 year warranty

Latest Customer Reviews

  • Rating
    Date 17/02/2021 02:02am
    White Python Jungle Green LED 2ft Kit
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    Great light fit perfectly in enclosure
  • Rating
    Date 29/09/2019 00:09am
    White Python Jungle Green Mini 1ft Kit
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    Item was fine just didn't like the serves I got from swell