White Python LED Light Dimmer

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Use this White Python Light Dimmer to accurately control your White Python LED lights in your reptile lighting system, getting your lighting levels just right and allowing you to adjust them simply and quickly.


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Product Information

Get the best out of your White Python LED lighting system with a matching White Python LED Light Dimmer, available at a discounted price from Swell Reptiles to allow you more options when lighting your reptile terrarium or vivarium.

White Python's range of Red, White, Green and Blue LED lights are energy efficient and feature a modular system as well as a 50,000 hour lifespan, but without this LED Light Dimmer, you can only ever have your White Python lights ON or OFF.

The Dimmer gives you the ability to vary how much light is emitted by your lighting system, giving you the ability to make your reptile's environment more comfortable for your pet, as well as create the perfect ambience in your reptile feature piece! This is easy to install and just plugs into the cabling line - simple and efficient.

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