White Python Tortoise Diet

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White Python Tortoise Diet can be used to augment your tortoise's main diet, giving them a healthy boost of some essential vitamins and minerals so they can grow up big and strong - oh, and it tastes pretty good too!


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Product Information

Grab a bag of White Python's Tortoise Diet from Swell Reptiles to get the best prices when feeding your tortoise a healthy and balanced diet.

That's just what's contained in this bag - each 95g pack of White Python Tortoise Diet contains a carefully selected mix of dried edible leaves to give your tortoise a varied mouthful every time to complement their wider, balanced diet.

Suitable for Tortoises aged 5 years plus.

Composition: Hibiscus, Marigold & Dandelion Leaves

Analysis: Moisture 13.2%, Protein 15.6%, Fat 2.6%, Ash 13.2%, Crude Fibre 24.9%

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