Zoo Med Bolivian Croton

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A well crafted artificial plant by Zoo Med, this Bolivian Croton will look great in your terrarium and your reptile won't be able to tell that it's not the real thing - win win!


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Product Information

The Zoo Med Bolivian Croton is part of the Zoo Med Artificial Reptile and Amphibian Vivarium and Terrarium Plant Decoration Range.

Artificial plants can provide the same benefits such as cover and hiding places for your reptile as real plants, but require less maintenance.

A simple clean at the same time as your main vivarium clean will keep them looking fresh and new. They also won't be eaten by your pet and don't require water or light to thrive but can be just as aesthetically pleasing.

Suitable For:

  • Vivarium's and Terrariums
  • Reptiles and Amphibians
  • Use in place or along side real plants

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