Zoo Med Can O' Crickets

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Zoo Med Can O' Crickets is an easier way to feed reptiles than keeping livefood, each can is packed with all the protein your reptile needs - with real nutritious crickets, cooked to perfection and placed lovingly in 35g cans to feed your hungry reptile as part of a tasty balanced diet.


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A superb way to give your reptile the great taste of crickets without having them hopping around, these Can 'O Crickets by Zoo Med contain around 35g of carefully bred crickets, cooked inside the can to lock in their flavour and nutritional value, while keeping them fresh for when you get around to opening up the can.

Incredibly convenient when compared to the care of livefood, these crickets retain most of their nutritional value and taste great for your reptile, great for using as a food supplement as part of their regular diet.

They are even easier to digest due to the retorting process they undergo, allowing your reptile to maximise the nutritional value of each tasty morsel.

These are adult size crickets, ideal for most small lizards, turtles, fish, birds and small animals. Also available in Mini Crickets, for smaller species.

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