Zoo Med Can O' Mini Mealies

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A can of delicious mealworms to be used as a protein filled tasty treat for your insect loving reptile. They are precooked to clear them of any potential health hazards and retain a huge amount of their taste and nutritious nature - yummy!


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Product Information

As easy as it gets, these Can 'O' Mealies by Zoo Med are simply tasty cooked mealworms for your reptile to enjoy as part of a balanced diet.

Cooked inside their tin, these mealworms have their taste and nutrients locked in, ready for you to pop the lid and let your reptile reap the delicious benefits of their high protein and essential fat content, all for a low price from Swell Reptiles.

The cooking process (retorting) even helps to soften them up, making them even easier to digest in your reptile's digestive tract, allowing even more nutritional benefit to the reptile.

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