Zoo Med Can O'Snails

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Snails are a favourite or many reptiles, but live snails often come with a risk of parasites and are often an unpleasant livefood to keep. Dodge these problems with Zoo Med Can O'Snails - cooked to perfection, these snails are safe, tasty and nutritious for your reptile.


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Product Information

Zoo Med have come up with the easy way to feed your reptile some tasty snails: Can O'Snails is a 35g tub of tasty snails cooked in the can to preserve their flavour, kill off any potential parasites and lock in their nutrients until it comes to feeding time.

The process of Retorting (cooking in the can) also softens their bodies, allowing easier digestion, and ensures they are sealed giving them a long shelf-life for storage. Suitable for aquatic turtles, skinks, monitors and other small animals that enjoy a tasty snail or two as part of a wider balanced diet, you can buy your Can O'Snails from Swell Reptiles at a great price and with fast delivery options.

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