Zoo Med Can O'Worms

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Crack open a can of worms and your reptile will love you more for it! This Zoo Med food supplement is as natural as it gets, and helps to enhance your reptile's diet all the better, helping them broaden their dietary intake.


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Product Information

Can O'Worms is Zoo Med's answer to the otherwise difficult feeding of worms to your reptile or small animal.

Most reptiles enjoy tucking into a plate of worms, from lizards to turtles, as well as other animals like birds, however feeding them livefood can sometimes cause complications if they are not sourced reliably, such as parasites.

These Can O'Worms don't have that problem, the mealworms are cooked in the tin and sealed, killing off all parasites and locking their tasty flavour in as well as their essential nutrients, making each 35g tin of Can O'Worms a great food supplement, especially for reptiles.

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