Zoo Med Casuarina

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A beautiful evergreen jungle plant, this Zoo Med Casuarina is an artificial one, and looks great despite the fact you will never need to water or feed it! Just buy it for a great price from Swell Reptiles and pop it into your reptile home.


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Product Information

Zoo Med Casuarina is based on an evergreen tree found in various tropical jungles throughout the world including Australia and Asia.

This artificial plant creates height and volume in your vivarium.

Because they are artificial they won't bring bacteria into a quarantine terrarium.

As with our other plants, they are very realistic, easy to clean and can be used in conjunction with real plants.

Reptiles like places to hide and arboreal lizards and snakes like obstacles to climb over and play upon, so these plants are not only a decoration, they also add to your reptile's general wellbeing.

Commonly known as the she-oak, ironwood, or beefwood, casuarinas are grown in tropical and subtropical areas throughout the world including Asia and Australia.

The tree has delicate, slender ultimate branches and leaves that give it the look of a wispy conifer.

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