Zoo Med Digital Aquatic Turtle Thermometer

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Your Turtle's water temperature is important, as it needs to be warm enough to allow thermo-regulation, but cool enough so they don't start to cook! Monitor is closely and accurately with this Zoo Med Digital Aquatic Turtle Thermometer from Swell reptiles.


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Product Information

A Zoo Med Digital Turtle Thermometer is ideal for monitoring the temperature in your turtle's habitat, ensuring that they are enjoying the right heat levels to perform their natural bodily functions correctly.

Each Digital Turtle Thermometer has been designed to be completely waterproof, meaning that you can safely measure the temperature right down to the water level, and is suitable for both salt water and freshwater terrariums.

Attached to the side with a suction cup, these Zoo Med Thermometers are available from Swell Reptiles at the best prices and with fast delivery options available.

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