Zoo Med Digital Thermometer

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Get a more accurate and real-time temperature reading from inside your reptile home using a Zoo Med Digital Thermometer - more precise than analogue models, it comes at a more than reasonable price from Swell Reptiles.


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Product Information

A thermometer like the Zoo Med Digital is essential for measuring the temperature in your terrarium, ensuring that your reptile is getting the heat it needs to thrive, having evolved in warmer climates.

It features a clear digital readout in either Fahrenheit or Celsius and a remote sensor probe for accurate readings, meaning you don't need to ruin the look of your terrarium by placing an obviously man-made product in with your otherwise natural-looking décor.

The Zoo Med Digital Thermometer operates flawlessly in both dry and wet environments, and provides you with accurate up-to-the-second data between -23°C and 60°C.

Product characteristics at a glance:

  • Wet or dry - ideal for terrariums, aquariums or reptile incubators.
  • Temperature range from -23 deg C to 60 deg C.
  • 99cm long temperature probe for pinpoint accuracy.
  • Battery and mounting suction cups included.
  • Can switch between Celsius or Fahrenheit (0.1 deg resolution).
  • 12 month Guarantee.

This terrarium Thermometer carries a 12 month Guarantee.

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