Zoo Med Floating Turtle Feeder

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Zoo Med Floating Turtle Feeders allows your semi-aquatic turtles and terrapins to feed in the water in a more natural manner, picking at food secured on the surface of the water in this clever little unit, available at a smart price from Swell Reptiles.


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Product Information

The Zoo Med Floating Turtle Feeder makes feeding time fun for you and your aquatic turtles. Your pets get to forage for food as they would in nature and you get great viewing of their feeding experience.

The Floating Turtle Feeder looks great, it's designed to look like a brightly coloured yellow fish and it has windows in so that when your turtles bump it the food is dispensed.

The feeder comes with some sample turtle pellets so you can get cracking straight away with this new way of feeding which is much more fun that just putting pellets directly in the water.

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