Zoo Med Mealworm Feeder

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Zoo Med Mealworm Feeders are the clever meal time plate for ensuring your reptile gets a bite at all the mealworms you provide. Bearded dragons in particular love using this feeder that encourages hunting behaviour - far more natural than feeding tongs!


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Product Information

Zoo Med Mealworm Feeder makes feeding time fun for you and an enjoyable challenge for your reptile, allowing them to express more instinctive hunting behaviour than standard bowls.

We all know bearded dragons and geckos like to hunt for their food and we've watched enthralled as they pounce upon crickets and locusts, so why just dump mealworms in a dish? The Mealworm Feeder is fun for your reptile and makes them work a little bit for their dinner.

Your lizard will watch the cup with excitement as the wriggling mealworms slowly fall from the holes in the bottom. Whoever thought mealworms could be so dramatic! Regular sized mealworms work best with this feeder and it's a good idea to position your food bowl underneath.

Check out this clip to see some lizards in action using the feeder:

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