Zoo Med Repti Calcium With D3

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Zoo Med Repti Calcium With D3 gets it just right when it comes to getting your reptile to develop a healthy skeletal structure. Calcium is the main building block of bones, but it can't be used without vitamin D3. This food supplement has got both covered - easy!


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Product Information

Your reptile needs a good, pure and reliable course of calcium for their bones (and for shells with tortoises and turtles), like this Zoo Med Repti Calcium With D3. This version is a phosphorus free calcium supplement for reptiles and amphibians, designed to give reptiles the calcium they need along with the Vitamin D3 they need to put it to good use within their skeletal structure.

Without both calcium and sufficient D3, your reptile can suffer from deformities caused by Metabolic Bone Disease, presenting symptoms such as joint pain and stiffness, malformed limbs and soft-shells, and it can sometimes be fatal if left unchecked.

Give them a reliable source of both by dusting their food with Zoo Med Repti-Calcium with D3, available from Swell Reptiles at a great price.

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