Zoo Med Repti Calcium Without D3

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Almost pure calcium, this Zoo Med Repti Calcium Without D3 food supplement ensures your reptile receives a healthy amount of essential Ca in their diet for the development of heatlhy bones.


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Product Information

A straight-forward calcium supplement for reptiles to aid bone growth and development, Zoo Med Repti Calcium Without D3 works well providing that your reptile is receiving the necessary Vitamin D3 from UV lighting or other sources to allow the easy assimilation of the calcium into their system.

Its simple: A good source of calcium (along with the D3 from another source) allows your reptile to build and maintain a healthy skeletal structure. Without it, your reptile can suffer from a deficiency, causing the malformation of bones and shells, a weak skeleton as well as joint pain, and with extreme cases often proving to be fatal, calcium supplements like this Repti Calcium Without D3 are essential to your reptile's health and wellbeing.

Its all very easy - add some of this Zoo Med Repti Calcium to your Swell Reptiles order, and sprinkle it onto their food. Most reptiles will enjoy the extra taste and will eat it up in no time. Then you can rest easy knowing that problems like Metabolic Bone Disease are unlikely to harm your reptile, providing they have adequate D3 lighting.

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