Zoo Med Repti-Halogen Heat lamps

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Zoo Med Repti-Halogen Heat lamps dish out plenty of UVA light in a more efficient manner than many other heat lamps. They come at a great price too and are specially made to suit reptiles.


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Product Information

Zoo Med Repti-Halogen Heat lamps now available at Swell Reptiles at discounted prices. Another first from Zoo Med! Super high quality halogen lamps specifically made for reptile use!

More energy efficient than comparable reptile basking lamps. Makes animal's colours appear richer.

Zoo Med Repti Halogen Heat Lamps are designed to provide a crisp white light to make your enclosure look brighter and your reptiles look more colourful. The Halogen lamps provide a heat source and useful UVA rays which will promote feeding and healthiness.

The Zoo Med Repti Halogen Lamp does not require an external ballast, just a lamp holder.The Repti-Halogen Heat lamps are all screw fitting.

Suitable for:

  • All habitat set ups.

Use a lower wattage for smaller vivarium's and a higher wattage for larger vivarium's.

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