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At a glance...
  • Feeding bowls available in 3 sizes
  • Stepped design gives your reptile easy access to food and water
  • Non-porous with a smooth plastic surface
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Zoo Med Repti Ramp Bowls are designed to allow your reptile easy access to their drinking water supply, featuring built-in stairs for your reptile to climb in and out, thus making it safer for your reptile to drink when you're not around to help them out should they get into difficulties.

The reptile bowls have a smooth plastic surface, making them easy to clean should they become fouled, and it means they are non-porous, meaning they won't absorb water and harbour bacteria.

The Repti Ramps will promote natural drinking and bathing and are particularly good for turtles, tortoises and amphibians who need a gradual slope to access their water.

These bowls come in various colours, mixed across the sizes, and are chosen at random.

Suitable For:

  • Forest Habitats.
  • Tropical Habitats.
  • Turtles.
  • Tortoises.
  • Amphibians.
  • Snakes.

Dimensions (approx):

  • Repti Ramp Bowl Small - 13cm x 9cm LxW.
  • Repti Ramp Bowl Large - 26cm x 20cm LxW.
  • Repti Ramp Bowl X-Large - 33cm x 23cm LxW.
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