Zoo Med Repti-Rapids LED Waterfall Rock Effect

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A fantastic Repti-Rapids LED Waterfall Rock Effect can be yours for less at Swell Reptiles. An authentic, natural looking mini waterfall, it even featues LED lights to look even cooler.


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Product Information

The Repti-Rapids LED Rock Waterfalls from Zoo Med provide your reptile's environment with a stunning feature point that enhances its functionality too.

This waterfall not only looks far more genuine than other inferior models, but it also contains LED lights that can be switched on to provide a moonlight shimmering effect. This is an effect that looks even better at night, providing the room with an effective night-light that won't upset your reptile's light-cycle. Just take a look at this fantastic waterfall in action in this video!

The Repti-Rapids come with a separate power-cords too, so you can hook up a timer to the water pump and LEDs to control when your lights and pumps turn on, and for how long.

Reptiles tend to prefer running water too - While using a bowl to supply your reptile with fresh drinking water can sometimes be ok, reptiles tend to be wary of still-water as years of environmental adaption in their DNA tell them that still water is more likely to be stagnant and therefore of poorer quality.

Instead, using this Repti-Rapid LED waterfall means that you are simulating the moving stream that your reptile would most likely drink from in the wild, meaning your reptile feels happier and more comfortable in their environment.

It helps with humidity too! The moisture in your vivarium is constantly escaping due to evaporation, and this can mean your humid forest landscape can dry out, making your reptile suffer. Because these waterfalls can keep more water in them more safely than a deep bowl, it means there is more water to evaporate into your reptiles environment, and therefore it will take longer to dry up.

More than anything, these Repti-Rapids look stunning, and really enhance the look and feel of your reptile home - simply striking focal points that please both the eye and the ear, as well as your reptile's behavioural instincts.

Available in 2 sizes from Swell Pets: Small and Medium, these rock waterfalls are suited from most environments and because they are sold by Swell Pets, they come at our extra-low prices and with Next Working Day Delivery options available when you order before 3pm on weekdays!

Buy today and enjoy a quality product at the right price!


Small: 18cm (W) x 12.5cm (D) x 28cm (H)

Medium: 35.5cm (W) x 23cm (D) x 25.5cm (H)

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