Zoo Med Repti-Rapids LED Waterfall Wood Effect

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Looking even better with a wood effect, this Zoo Med Repti-Rapids LED Waterfall Wood Effect is the perfect terrarium waterfall, ready made and efficient, it even lights up with LEDs for an even cooler effect.


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Product Information

The Repti-Rapids LED Wood Waterfalls from trusted makers "Zoo Med" greatly enhance your reptile's environment by being both a striking focal point as well as a device to enhance it's functionality too.

These waterfalls look genuine, especially when compared with older, more inferior models and won't look out of place in even the most natural looking terrariums. The natural flow of the water simulates your forest dwelling reptile's natural drinking source due to its movement:

As a lot of reptile owners are finding out, by providing your reptile with a moving water source, your reptile tends to feel more comfortable drinking from it as moving water is less likely to be stagnant. This wood waterfall accurately simulates the freshwater trickle that your reptile would choose to drink from if it were living in the wild.

The LED lighting system is pretty ground-breaking too, providing a safe yet stunning shimmering effect on the water that really displays the waterfall's brilliance at night: Appearing like shimmering blue-moonlight, it won't affect the day/night cycle of your reptile. Take a look:

The Repti-Rapids come with a separate power-cords too, making it easy to connect a timer to the water pump and LEDs to control their on/off cycles.

For humid forest dwelling reptiles, this waterfall set is perfect: Not only does it give them an appetising source of fresh water but it also helps maintain humidity within their environment, allowing more water to be inside the terrarium without it pooling deeply anywhere which may cause a drowning hazard to young reptiles. This means that your reptile's environment has a bigger reserve of water to deal with humidity loss through evaporation.

These Repti-Rapids in wood are available in 2 sizes from Swell Pets: Small and Medium and are suitable from most reptile environments that require a little extra water and humidity. Because they are sold by Swell Pets, they come at our famously discounted prices and with Next Working Day Delivery options available when you order before 3pm on weekdays!

Buy today and enjoy a quality product at the right price!

Small: 15.3cm (W) x 14cm (D) x 26cm (H)
Medium: 23cm (W) x 20cm (D) x 30cm (H)

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    Date 06/04/2019 12:04pm
    Zoo Med Repti-Rapids LED Waterfall Wood Effect Small
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    Hardly a trickle. Followed the instructions to a tee. Very disappointed in it. I will be removing from my vivarium and probably sell it on... Not worth the money, I'm afraid. Sorry.
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    Date 25/08/2016 18:08pm
    Zoo Med Repti-Rapids LED Waterfall Wood Effect Small
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