Zoo Med ReptiBator Incubator

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Look after your reptile eggs once they have been laid in this Zoo Med ReptiBator Incubator, helping you achieve the right temperature and humidity for the optimum growth and development of your reptile embryos.


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Product Information

A sophisticated and incredibly effective reptile egg incubator, the Zoo Med ReptiBator Incubator gives you as their breeder a complete temperature and humidity control system to take superb care for developing eggs.

Featuring flow-through ventilation to stop overheating, a sponge insert to control humidity and it's own water reservoirs, the Zoo Med Reptibator is often found to have practical worth well exceeding its' price tag, especially at Swell Reptiles discounted prices.

The Reptibator can be controlled digitally and presents your control options via an LCD display, and has an LED heat indicator light so you know what's going on at a glance. An impressive heat range (15°C to 40°C), it is suitable for many different kinds of reptile egg too.

Additional Information:

  • Digital controller with LCD display and LED heat indicator light.
  • Pulse proportional thermostat for stable temperature regulation.
  • Temperature control range from 59°F to 104°F (15°C to 40°C).
  • Humidity Display range from 10%-95% relative humidity.
  • Rigid 55 watt heating element.
  • Programmable temperature alarm.
  • Built in memory stores settings in case of power failure.
  • Clear cover allows for easy egg inspection without opening incubator.
  • Measures 18in x 18in x 9.5in (LxDxH)

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    Date 14/11/2014 15:11pm
    Zoo Med ReptiBator
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    Incubator worked really well. 18 baby Hermans hatched successfully.
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    Date 13/02/2016 15:02pm
    Zoo Med ReptiBator
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    great product